Unleash Your Sales Productivity

Why Whiz Sales customers experience increased revenue & profits?

All CRMs promise higher sales. But when you look under the hood, most of their promises fall short of the reality. Whiz Sales is different. Our sales solution fosters greater collaboration and integration within the sales team, resulting in higher productivity and acceleration of the sales cycle.

Why customers love Whiz Sales?

Whiz Sales is designed to work out of the box. It's so easy to use that sales reps love it and use it all the time, especially on their smartphones. Whiz Sales make the mundane task of adding, updating and reporting customer interactions and sales pipeline engaging and fun. Once the account executives get their hands on Whiz Sales, they use it all the time, because the latest customer data is always available at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Whiz Sales becomes embedded in their sales process without much training. Whiz Sales makes sales reps and management smarter since its personalized, intuitive and very easy to use.
Whiz Sales engineers have removed all the complexities found in popular CRM solutions that require a long setup process, lots of customizations and an endless cycle of integration and development. Whiz Sales simplifies everything and is up and running in a matter of days.

Why Whiz Sales customers enjoy better customer relationships?

Whiz Sales creates personalized buying experiences for each customer's journey that results in deeper relationships. Today’s sales managers and team members are continuously stretched and challenged by the demands of the modern organization. The entire journey from a fledgling prospect to a happy customer becomes magnified and shared with various departments within the organization. Whiz Sales not only connects and informs internal stakeholders and leaders, but also engages and guides external prospects and decision makers

Improved Efficiency

Whiz Sales maintains all of your leads, customers, contacts, calendar and follow-up data in a single place, enabling a seamless working environment. Whiz Sales makes Follow Up with customers or employees impossible to miss.


Whiz Sales not only provides a robust set of features and functionality, but also delivers on the promised benefits & ROI. Whiz Sales is an Intelligent Cloud CRM solution that is comprehensive, collaborative and connected.

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Here Are Some Of The Important Features

Here are the most important features that our customers love


Whiz Sales provides a highly personalized dashboard wherein sales account managers can monitor leads and customer follow ups weekly, monthly or yearly – all at their fingertips. They can access real-time status of leads – hot, won or lost; get their tasks status, display messages and notifications, and even customer greetings and birthday reminders.


Whiz Sales makes Follow Up impossible to miss. Never miss a sale because you forgot the follow up. Our robust Notifications system provides frequent and timely reminders for important events, tasks, meetings, demos, emails and much more. So much redundancy is built into our Notifications that our sales reps cannot miss the Follow Ups.


Smart Sales Target configuration and tracking is the hallmark of an expert CRM system. Whiz Sales defines and assigns Targets on specific criteria such as units, value, financial year, category, sub-category or product, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly and more. Both managers and representatives can view and analyze the progress of these targets at the individual or team level.


Whiz Sales can be highly customized and personalized to the needs of sales account manager, sales team lead, sales director and the sales VP. It can be further customized to address the unique needs of a business or sales department. For instance, each account manager can have a completely different view of their dashboard based on their personal preferences. Managers also enjoy custom interfaces.


Whiz Sales provides superior BI and Analytics reports through easy-to-use, customizable dashboards. Sales managers can view timely charts for the entire team, department or an individual, and make key comparisons. These reports, available across various time intervals, provide comprehensive analytics of sales funnel and performance, sales by product category, sales by teams, sales versus leads, etc.


Expense reporting & tracking is one of those mundane tasks that most account managers and sales managers frequently fall way behind. Whiz Sales takes the complexity out of expense reporting by providing a robust, online solution that includes everything from expense statement submission to approval, expense tracking, notification, and expense analysis by employees and departments. Whiz Sales even makes travel requisition and reporting extremely easy to use.


Whiz Intelligent Cloud firmly secures private CRM data with multiple levels of redundancies, provides extra level of protection with industrial-strength encryption, scales up to tens of thousands of users, and provides 24/7/365 access including mobile apps.

Whiz Sales - Additional Features

  • Leads & Lead Management
  • Customers and Customer Contacts
  • Personal Calendar with Task Reminders
  • Notifications – All important events & tasks
  • Follow-ups – Reminders at each & every step
  • Whiz Tracker – Track your sales team
  • Sales Target – Set Sales targets and view progress
  • Leave Request & Leave Management
  • Multi Currency – Capture leads in multiple currencies
  • Management Dashboard & Business Intelligence Analytics
  • Form Personalization – Create own fields
  • Appointment, Task, Timesheet Management
  • Travel Requisition – Hierarchical approvals
  • Expenses – Submit and track Travel & Field Expenses

Whiz Sales unleashes your sales productivity!

Whiz Sales is the ultimate, cloud-based Intelligent CRM of choice for SMB. Our customers experience complete satisfaction when they deploy Whiz Sales because of meaningful customer relationships, decreased sales costs, improved customer buying experience, complete visibility into the sales process, increased collaboration and most importantly, accelerated selling with higher win rates.